iOS 10.3 发布:查找 AirPods、全新 APFS 文件系统

苹果今天发布了 iOS 10.3 正式版。iOS 10 去年 9月13日发布,iOS 10.3 是 iOS 10 系统的第三次重大更新。iOS 10.3 从 1月 24日开始测试,苹果一共发布了7个开发者测试版和公测版。iOS 10.3 可以通过 OTA 无线升级,同时也可以通过 iTunes 下载和更新。

iOS 10.3 发布:查找 AirPods、全新 APFS 文件系统的照片

作为 10.x 升级,iOS 10.3 增加了很多重要功能,同时改进了系统性能。iOS 10.3 的新功能之一包括“查找 AirPods”功能。在“查找我的 iPhone”中可以定位 AirPods 的位置,并在一侧或左右 AirPods 上同时播放声音,帮助用户更好的发现 AirPods。

iOS 10.3 还加入了全新的苹果文件系统(APFS)。当用户安装 iOS 10.3 系统后,会将整个文件系统升级为苹果文件系统 Apple File System(APFS)。APFS 的优点有很多,比如“优化闪存/ SSD 存储,并以加密为主要功能”,在I/O联合上使用了“独特的 copy-on-write设计”,在确保可靠性的基础上优化性能。该系统的核心为加密功能,其将为苹果旗下的每款设备提供统一的加密方法。该系统包含有多密钥加密功能,内置有针对每个文件的密钥,其针对敏感元数据也都有独立的密钥。

在 iOS 10.3 中苹果还对 App Store 功能进行了调整,允许开发者直接回应用户的评价。同时,iOS 用户也可以对评价进行评级“有帮助”或“毫无帮助”。同时,苹果还限制了开发者求好评的次数,还有专门的开关完全关闭求好评功能。

iOS 10.3 其他新功能包括:全新的应用开启和关闭动画效果,设置应用中整合了 Apple ID 账户信息,更好的 iCloud 用量图表,改进 SiriKit(支付、叫车),CarPlay 界面改进等。


Find My iPhone

- View the current or last known location of your AirPods

- Play a sound on one or both AirPods to help you find them


- Support for paying and checking status of bills with payment apps

- Support for scheduling with ride booking apps

- Support for checking car fuel level, lock status, turning on lights and activating horn with automaker apps

- Cricket sports scores and statistics for Indian Premier League and International Cricket Council


- Shortcuts in the status bar for easy access to last used apps

- Apple Music Now Playing screen gives access to Up Next and the currently playing song’s album

- Daily curated playlists and new music categories in Apple Music

Other improvements and fixes

- Rent once and watch your iTunes movies across your devices

- New Settings unified view for your Apple ID account information, settings and devices

- Hourly weather in Maps using 3D Touch on the displayed current temperature

- Support for searching “parked car" in Maps

- Calendar adds the ability to delete an unwanted invite and report it as junk

- Home app support to trigger scenes using accessories with switches and buttons

- Home app support for accessory battery level status

- Podcasts support for 3D Touch and Today widget to access recently updated shows

- Podcast shows or episodes are shareable to Messages with full playback support

- Fixes an issue that could prevent Maps from displaying your current location after resetting Location & Privacy

- VoiceOver stability improvements for Phone, Safari and Mail



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