Windows 10 Build 14955发布:邮件可以@特定联系人

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近段时间针对Windows 10 RS2的版本更新十分频繁,今天微软向Insiders快速用户推送了最新Build 14955版本系统。由于该版本系统是通过Development Branch通道放出,所以理应包含很多前所未有的新功能。目前已经确认的是针对Outlook邮件和日历的更新,新版本Outlook邮件和日历程序版本为17.7466.4062x.0.。

Windows 10 Build 14955发布:邮件可以@特定联系人的照片

新版本的Outlook邮件和日历应用主要加入了 @ 特定联系人和上下文感知检索两项新功能。

其中,前者的实现和社交媒体中 @ 他人的操作一样,用户可以在正文中任意一处添加“ @ ”符号,然后紧跟着输入指定的联系人信息。而上下文感知检索则是通过ALT + Caps Lock + /、CTRL + Caps Lock + /、Caps Lock + D三组快捷键来实现操作。


Outlook Mail & Calendar Update (PC & Mobile): We have updated the Outlook Mail and Calendar apps to 17.7466.4062x.0.. This update introduces a few new things for you to check out:

  • You can now open email messages in a new window.
  • You can now use Quick Actions directly from new email notifications.
  • Get someone’s attention with @mentions. Type the @ symbol anywhere in the body of your email and start typing to pick the person you want to address.

Context Awareness in Narrator (PC): As you navigate around, you can be notified about different groups or other areas you move to, such as groups in the Office ribbon. To configure the amount of context you hear, cycle through options with ALT + Caps Lock + /. To change whether the context is read before the item with focus or after, use CTRL + Caps Lock + /. To check the context at any point. Press Caps Lock + D twice.

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      Microsoft Edge 14.14393 Windows 10 x64 Edition

      邮件这个功能挺好了的,希望早点登录到稳定版 :eek: