Google Chrome 49.0.2623.110 正式版发布

谷歌浏览器Chrome Stable稳定版迎来v49第四维护版升级,上一版发布于3月25日,Google对此版进行了多项重要安全修复。仅时隔三日,今天Google又快速的发布了新版,详细版本号为v49.0.2623.110,本次更新了稳定性改进及安全修复,但官方并未给出详细更新日志。

Google Chrome 49.0.2623.110 正式版发布的照片


49.0.2623.108:This update includes 5 security fixes. Below, we highlight fixes that were contributed by external researchers. Please see the Chromium security page for more information.

[$7500][594574] High CVE-2016-1646: Out-of-bounds read in V8. Credit to Wen Xu from Tencent KeenLab.
[$5500][590284] High CVE-2016-1647: Use-after-free in Navigation. Credit to anonymous.
[$5000][590455] High CVE-2016-1648: Use-after-free in Extensions. Credit to anonymous.
[595836] High CVE-2016-1649: Buffer overflow in libANGLE. Credit to lokihardt working with HP’s Zero Day Initiative / Pwn2Own.
As usual, our ongoing internal security work was responsible for a wide range of fixes:
[597518] CVE-2016-1650: Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives.
Multiple vulnerabilities in V8 fixed at the tip of the 4.9 branch (currently 4.9.385.33).

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